Updates on Coronado Road Project

This article by Carlos A. Clement was translated from the Coronado Residents Association publication of July 2008. Mr. Clement is talking about the new road project that is being planned in the Coronado area. It’s a great pleasure for us to inform you about the advances that have taken place after 6 long months (January to June 2008) in the project of the construction of 2.6 kilometers of road, in the area known as Bahía Serena. It is important to know what these 2.6 km comprise. The project begins or ends where the sign that announces the street construction is, that is, immediately after Juan Medrano lot, adjacent to Coronado Golf Club Driving Range.  From there, it goes toward Punta Prieta Condominium, along this route the street has two intersections that lead again to Bahía Serena streets. One that descends to condominium Atatu's Place and the other that descends directly to the public use pedestrian entrance or Bahía Serena. From that point the road runs along the bay to meet with a fork that leads to a dead-end street or entrance to the Country Club Condominium, and the other fork leads to the union with the avenue known as the Boulevard.

The cost of the project, after being offered the construction for bidding and having invited five companies, which are specialist in these topics, was the amount of 1.326.503.00, which includes the cost of the plans, which was prepared by the firm All Consult, specialist in road designs and inspections. (The inspector has not been chosen yet, and the construction contract has not neither been signed) The project duration is 7 months beginning from the order to proceed. Of course, we will not give such an order to proceed until we have at least 90% percent of the project cost in the current account that we opened for this purpose in Banco Aliado. We currently have 98% owners acceptance, which is quite encouraging, however we are in the process of gathering those resident’s contributions. In the current account we have the sum of 600.000.00 that represents 45%, plus a number of post dated checks and vouchers from a large number of owners who have contributed 50% of their allowance. The deadline for collecting the rest of the money is August 30 of this year, however, the project will not be carried out if  we don’t collect the funds by that day, in that case, the money will be repaid to the contributors.

Here's a brief explanation of two issues that is good for you to know about the strategy that has been used to collect the funds, and can be useful as a reference in case that other streets in the area want to imitate us.

• All condominiums built in Bahía Serena area have to pay the sum of $1.000.00 per apartment. In all, there are 600 apartments built and being built. They have to pay the sum of $600.000.00 (these include 250 apartments in the wasteland lot that belongs to Desarrollo Coronado. It is important to mention that Desarrollo Coronado already contributed with the sum of $264.000.00 for the square meters they have at the Beach Club.
• All land facing the bay which is 160,363 sq meters will be allocated the sum of $ 4.00 per m². A total of approximately $ 641.500.00. Currently we have not located four lots in Bahía Serena.
• And the lands that take advantage of the construction of new roads, which are not facing the sea, was assigned the sum of $ 2.00 m²
• In that side of the street there are 118,000 ². It has been more difficult for us to contact the owners and, in many cases, we do not know how many square meters their properties have.

We consider important to inform all Bahia Serena residents what these new roads include:

• Asphaltic concrete rolling folder of 0.05 cm and a width of 6.20 meters. With an approximate cost of $ 290.000.00.
• Ditches for the eviction of rainwater, with their respective crossings at the properties entrances.
• Two drinking water pipes on both sides of the street, with their respective doubles and singles house connections,
• Concrete Sidewalks on both sides of the street, grass and palm trees.
• Signposting of the street with continuous white lines and discontinuous yellow ones at the center of it.

The information that follows is in order to help residents of the other streets in the area, who want to imitate us and improve their streets, such as Punta Prieta Avenue and Roberto Eissesman Avenue: The cost per km is $ 510.000.00, that is, $ 510.00 the lineal meter.

In conclusion, I would like to thank to all Bahia Serena residents who have given their approval and full confidence to carry out this project for the benefit of all and improving the access to their properties.