Tips for a clear windshield in the tropics

Is your windshield stained with a film that prevents you to see properly especially when looking at direct sunlight?  This film appears after years of storing your car in direct sunlight as many of us do here in Panama.

It is also often a result of dust, grime, water spots, and not cleaning the windshield properly over the years.

Do not despair and no need to purchase a new winshield, this cleaning tip will get rid of that stubborn film improving your visibiity dramatically!


Clean your windshield normally, dry it with a cloth. Using a dry fine steel wool pad, number 0000, gently rub the excess grime away, you can do circular or straight motions,  the steel wool will not scratch the glass, in fact, it is polishing the glass.   This may take several minutes, but the film will eventually disappear as the steel wool removes all the microscopic dirt. Run your hand on the area, notice on how smooth the glass feels. Once satisfied with the clarity of the glass, you can then put away the steel wool for another clean up job, it will stay intact if not exposed to water. 

Clean the windshield normally with window cleaner to get rid of any left over dust particles.  You can go one step further and apply Rain-X on the windshield with a old cotton sock, in a circular overlapping motion, covering the entire surface.  Let it dry for about 10 minutes, the windshield will appear a little hazy.  Re apply once again directly on top of the existing coat.   (Total usage may be 1/3 or 1/4 cup of Rain-X).  Once the second coat had dried, wash down the existing film with a clean wrong out soft cloth (old t-shirts work well).  Finally dry the windshield with a dry cloth feeling the smoothness the process has achieved. Rain-X will dissipate the rain from the windshield when driving in the rain.

Tried and true here in Coronado!