How to Buy Like a Local

In 2007, Kent Davis of Panama Equity published an essay called This document was downloaded by more than 14,000 people. alled Blood On The Streets: Everything That's Wrong With Panama Real Estate Agents And Why I'm One Of Them.

8 years of research later, Panama Equity is raising the bar for transparency and solid market information again, culminating next week (Tuesday) in an event you don’t want to miss.
Mark your calendar: November 24th, 12PM EST (NYC) / 5PM GMT (London)

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This is NOT your typical "Why Pacific Beaches Are Perfect" fluff. You won't get the standard Panama real estate pitch of "warm weather year round" and you most certainly won’t get "live for a $800/month in paradise." That's not what the presentation about. 

Panama Equity will be revealing the "8 Rules You Must Follow to Profit from Real Estate in Panama.”

Why? Because Panama has been experiencing explosive growth for the last 10 years, and a lot of developers will sell you a dream and deliver you a nightmare.

Make no mistake: Panama is an absolutely wonderful place to live, work, and invest. The capital city is vibrant, and the interior of the country is full of unexplored beaches and cool mountain communities.

BUT… like any emerging economy, you have to know the rules of the game: what to look for when sniffing around an apartment or home for sale, how to avoid potholes and roadblocks when doing your due diligence on a property, when and how to negotiate and structure a deal to keep taxes down as low as possible.

This online workshop is designed to educate and to create a template for Panama real estate success with or without a real estate agent. If you are interested in today's most transparent information about Panama, secure your seat on the online workshop below.

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