Panama City Taxi Apps

Have you ever been in the city, it starts to rain, you try to hail a taxi and every taxi that drives by is full or not going your way?  The solution is simple.  Download a taxi app to Smartphone from the App Store.Here are a few that work in Panama City:

1 – UBER
This March UBER completed its first year of operation in Panama. The US company operates in 70 countries around the world. UBER has marketed it self through various national events including the Panama Jazz Festival, IFF Panama’s International Film Festival & Fashion Week.
Price: US$ 1.75 base US$ 0.20 per minute/US$ 0.43 Per kilometer
Min fare US$ 4 Cancellation fee US$ 3

2 – Easy Taxi
Launched in 2012, in Brazil, the online taxi service was one of the first taxi alternatives in Latin America. Currently the app is available in 30 countries and 420 cities world wide.  
Prices not listed.

3 – TuChofer
TuChofer is a Panamanian company that allows you to choose the type of vehicle you desire to be picked up in. TuChofer also offers guided tours around the city.
Price: US$1.2 base US $0.17 per minute/ US$0.3 Per kilometer
Minimum fare US$5.0 (10% tip included)
Cancelation fee: US$5.0