Panama A/V: The Honeywell Audible Alarm System

Panama A/V is introducing their new line of Audible Security, manufactured by Honeywell Systems.  The Honeywell System is well known as a high quality, proven, effective system for Audible Security. The Honeywell Audible Alarm System lineup consists of many valuable and important features: - The heart of the system is an LED Touch Sensitive Wireless Color Controller, with Internet and Wi-Fi capability. - The Controller is intuitive, easy to use and can be accessed remotely through an IOS (Apple) or Android device.


- The system features Wireless magnetic sensors for doors and windows and Wireless motion detectors for both indoor and outdoor use

- Pet sensitivity settings on the outdoor motion detectors, up to 100 lbs.

- Powerful audible alarm built in to the controller, with perimeter sirens also available.

- The controls for the home is Zone sensitive, meaning you can customize your different areas with unique decision criteria.

- It has the capability of supporting 6 wireless Honeywell indoor or outdoor cameras, as well as, viewing from any device.

- A companion Panic Key Fob is available with arming, disarming, a customizable NIGHT setting and panic alarm.

- Night Arming feature - In for the night? With a press of the touchscreen OR on the Key Fob, this mode arms preselected interior sensors—such as on the main floor—while letting you move freely in areas like hallways or upper floors.

- The system has glass breaker sensors.

- The remote capability allows you to Arm or Disarm from home, around the corner, or the other side of the world, from your computer or Smart device!

- The system gives you instant Event notifications of triggered alerts.                        

The Honeywell Audible System comes with a 2 year Replacement Warranty, as well as, Panama A/V’s well-known and trusted client training and support.

Another important factor in this news is that Panama A/V and the Panama Helpline are working together for your security and peace of mind. The Panama Helpline will be the Honeywell monitoring platform and the official monitoring company of any Panama A/V/Honeywell Audible Alarm System installation. This will ensure that Panama A/V Audible Alarm system clients will be spoken to in either

English or Spanish and that the caller has relevant Panama Helpline Member information at hand, aiding in a quick, credible response. There will be a monthly monitoring charge of $20.00. For a Limited time, for every new Honeywell Audible Alarm system installation, Panama A/V will include the first year of monitoring at no charge.

Please feel free to contact Panama A/V at 6439-5662 for a free on-site evaluation or discussion regarding any of your security needs.