Is Your Jewelry properly Insured?

Are you expecting Jewelry this Valentine’s Day? Just remember whether it’s gift at Christmas, your birthday surprise, or a brand new Valentine’s Day ring, all insurance companies have “set limits” on what they will pay for stolen goods. Some companies hold the limit at $1,500, others $2,500, and a small group, $5,000. If it has been awhile since your reviewed this portion of your homeowner’s policy, now may be the time. Jewelry has “set” limits in all homeowner’s insurance policies. In addition, mysterious disappearance (like a stone falling out of a setting) may not be covered on a standard homeowner policy.

To have jewelry covered from any and all risks, it must be properly stated on your homeowner and/or renters insurance policy. By paying an extra premium, you can get “all risk” coverage for your jewelry. Many consumers mistakenly assume that everything they own is covered on their home insurance – this is not true.

Work with a trusted insurance professional and stay informed.


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