With the Neighbors Helping Neighbors HOTLINE, you will never be alone again.

Rob Brown, Founder of Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) proudly announces that the launch of the NHN HOTLINE.The search for two HOTLINE operators has begun. Rodney, the HOTLINE operator for Alto Al Crimen (AaC) in Boquete is searching for a member of the Paraplegic Association of Panama, as he is the President of the Association, and he is hopeful that a fellow paraplegic can find employment with NHN as well.Less than 3% of paraplegics in Panama have a job, and Rodney has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can not only perform the job - he excels at it! Rodney is a Rock Star in Boquete.

Our search may be a little premature, as we have not raised all the funds needed to set up and operate the service yet.

However, based on the spectacular results from the Rancho Los Toro campaign where we raised $6,000 in three days, we anticipate even stronger support for this important 24/7 service.

This service is designed after Alto Al Crimen's hugely successful program in Boquete. The AaC has been helping NHN for some time to develop the HOTLINE program.

We need this program. It is too late for the victims of Rancho Los Toro - but we don't want anyone else to be stuck out there - all alone - ever again.

According to the executives of AaC, their HOTLINE service reduced crime in Boquete by over 80%.

For $10 a month, any resident of the interior will be able to go online and securely enter the directions to their home, (if they do not have access to a computer, our operators (once hired) will be able to help them by telephone). Other details such as the number of people in the home, the number of pets (in case of fire) and any medical conditions, can be entered and the member is given a unique number - IE: # 57.

In the event of any emergency - fire, medical, car accident, robbery or home or business invasion - all they have to do is call the HOTLINE and say "#57 - police" and our bilingual operator will call the police and give them directions to your home in Spanish - and keep you apprised of the police's progress. (You can also just use your name - but with a name like Rob Brown - trust me - a unique number works much better).

The HOTLINE has many other uses:
Can't make yourself understood at the DIJ to report your crime? Call the HOTLINE and hand the phone to the desk Sargent.
Got a police officer trying to hit you up for a bribe? Call the HOTLINE and hand the phone to the officer - it will be the last bribe they ever ask for - the Police Brass really do want to stop this bribe-taking.
Stuck on the highway? Call the HOTLINE and a tow truck will be sent.
Can't get a date for Saturday night? You are on your own - but you get the idea.

With the NHN HOTLINE you will NEVER be alone again. We saw how well the AaC HOTLINE worked in the Rancho Los Toro case - one call, and nine days later, two of the robbers were in jail - compared to three months of inactivity after the first robbery. Acting quickly helps solve crimes. Any monies raised in fund-raising and monthly memberships in excess of the start-up requirements will be put into the RIF - the Reward and Investigation Fund to hire private detectives, offer rewards for information leading to arrests, hiring crime experts and attorneys to work on behalf of anyone else might get attacked, robbed or experience any other criminal/police emergency.

To get this service up and running we need Gift In Kind donations of a computer, two headsets, and $3,900 cash. Monthly members/subscribers fees will pay for the on-going maintenance, salaries, internet costs, etc. Please be generous - helping US now means we will be there when YOU need us.
Checks should be made out to Fundacion Alto Al Crimen, and can be brought to the June 21st RIF benefit concert atLa Ruinas in Gorgona (5 PM doors open - The Oldies But Goodies play 6 PM - 8:30 PM) and the party goes on afterwards.

Or you can drop your checks off at Picasso's Bar + Restaurante in Coronado, La Ruinas in Gorgona, Rancho Los Toro in San Carlos or Ty's Sports Bar and Grill in El Valle.