Fire Insurance Guidance - Coverages

What is the coverage of the insurance? Your insurance protects you within the basic coverage when you face the following events: Your residence catching fire as long as it not is originated by the risks expressly excluded in your insurance. Damages from the water while suffocating the fire or for the efforts displayed specifically to control said fire. The Impact of lightning, which generates a fire. Damages due to smoke and soot from the fire and also if was originated in residence contiguous to yours. The explosion of any type except those caused by boilers, internal combustion engines or pressurized devices.


The impact of terrestrial or aerial vehicles as long as isn’t from owner or the property of tenants from own building.

Debris removal: The expenses for debris remove from your residence after a fire.

You will not pay a deductible for this coverage in case of an event.

Which is your optional coverage?

For an additional premium, you have the option to include the following coverage in your fire structure insurance:

Fire and Direct Damage following earthquake: Are the damages caused directly or indirectly from the fire as a consequence of an earthquake or earth tremor.

Direct damages caused by windstorm: The losses or damages produced by the wind or by the raised objects carried by the wind.

Damages caused by water: Losses produced by water as a consequence of breakage or sudden or unforeseen damages in plumbing or tanks.

Flooding and overflowing of the sea: Provoked by overflowing of the sea or tidal waves, rivers, lakes, canals, aqueducts, sewer systems or by breakage of seawalls or dams.

Fire and damage caused by public disorders: Are the alterations of public order produced by the disorderly movement of a crowd which acts in a tumultuous, noisy and violent manner, in defiance of the constituted authority or in violation of its provisions, but without having as objective the destitution of the government by force.

Direct damage caused by malice: The direct losses caused by any individual who damages or destroys the insured assets due to malice, unless it is a theft or theft attempt.

Loot: It is the theft on a grand scale and without hiding, perpetrated by a crowd participating in a public disorder.

Extension of catastrophe coverage: It is the compendium, of the Fire, Earthquake, Windstorm and Flooding and damages by water.

Deductibles in case a loss within this coverage occurs, you will assume the following deductibles:

% Insured

Coverage Sum Minimum Maximum
Fire and damage due to earthquake 2 B/.250 B/.150,000
Direct damage due to windstorm 2 B/.250 B/.150,000
Direct damage due to flooding 1 B/.250  B/.100,000
Direct damage due to water 1  B/.250 B/.25,000
Direct damage due to malice NA NA  B/.250














J2L Insurance ConsultantAll these coverage is detailed in Important Definitions.

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J2L Insurance Consultant