Are there bugs in your electrical outlets? Read on.

Panama ... with the warm year-round climate is one reason many of us are here. It is a tropical paradise and home for many unique plants and a multitude of living creatures, great and small. Some of the insects, since they don't have to take shelter in the winter, are quite busy building nests wherever they can. Has this ever happened to you?  

You go outside on the porch and attempt to plug in your CD player (or other appliance) and discover that the plug won't fit in the outlet? A closer look reveals that some insect has taken up residence there. The hole is covered over completely. Most likely a mud-dauber wasp (or whatever the equivalent is) has made a nest for their babies.

I've used WD-40 to spray and clean out the outlets, but by the next month the bug would be back again.

I wasn't looking for a solution, but just found outlet protectors in Novey.  Those are those plastic inserts to keep the kids from plugging forks into the slots. I put them in all the outside outlets and now the bugs can't build a nest there.

A pack of 12 costs only $1.95.