Facts about Health Insurance in Panama

Did you know that you must be under 65 years of age to apply for a local insurance plan in Panama?  If you are over 65 International Plans could be an option for you. Insurance Companies that have developed plans and premiums for residents of countries from Mexico to Argentina, with affordable costs. There are many options available based. Give us a call to learn more about International Plans.    You can get your Insurance Medical Tests done at a lower cost.    San Fernando Coronado Clinic, gives J2L clients deep discounts on tests and exams that are required by insurance companies. You don’t have to travel to the city to have them done or pay the full price in Coronado. 

Pre-existing conditions do not have to be a problem. 
We have coverage options to manage pre-existing conditions. In some cases they can be excluded totally, or you can pay an additional premium and can ask for a review in a year or two. Talk to us for details.
Manage your budget. 
Health care insurance does not have to make you poor. There are various ways to have a solid plan while managing your deductibles to keep you covered in case of an emergency. Talk to us, we can tell you how.
- Aim high, try to past the exams or evaluation process for the best plan suitable for you; this way if you need to lower to a different plan, won’t have to start from zero again.
- Ask your agent for the proposal or quotes in English. You need to feel comfortable talking to a broker in your native language.
- Look for all medical records; contact any doctors in your home country to have reports or at find other ways to provide previous information on yourself.
- Take exams locally to know how your levels are doing before they are used for the insurance company. 
Contact Name: Julio Luque
Tel: 279-0012 or 270-0020