Reading a Good Book in Panama

I have to admit before I arrived in Panama almost 3 years ago, I had almost given up on reading.  Being involved in the Corporate Rat Race, drinks with the girls after work, commuting and and all the other city life distractions just didn't allow me enough time to get into one of my most favourite past times.  When my butt hit the hammock here in Panama, and we didn't have television I wanted to read.  I went so far as to start a book club that I am delighted to say is still going strong for  2 years running, despite our challenge of finding the books we want to read here in Panama.   The Kindle has made it easy for most of our members to download and read our monthly novel.   There are some of us though that are not willing to invest in this latest technology.  We often share the soft cover or hard cover book, finishing it in enough time to pass it on.  This has worked fine until a few months ago when none of us could even get our hands on our latest read "The Midwife".  I took my problem to my partner who always finds what I need online.  There exists a free library with thousands of free books that you can download to read.  I also found many free book sharing sites and what I also found was the MobiReader.

The MobiReader acts like a Kindle but on your computer.  It is safe and easy to install, you can change the font, add a bookmark and the greatest part is you can share books.
The Link to the MobiReader is as follows: .  If you want a book to practice your install, just email me and I can send you one.
The Coronado Area Social Association (CASA), is still maintaining their book exchange which is located at El Litoral Bed & Breakfast opposite the gates to the Coronado Hotel.  You can enjoy a book and a coffee and sometimes you just might be able to enjoy one of Anne Marie's little bits or bites.
Moving to Panama as I always maintain is a life changing experience and for us it was for the better.  There are certain things that we leave behind but we gain so much more when we are here.  Being a member of a book club was something I had always wanted to do, but never found the time to do it.   It only took a few emails and a book to get the group going.  I have not only read more than I did in the last 5 years in Toronto but I have made new friends and have broadened my exposure to the literary world.
altKaryn Saunders is a young expat living in Pacific Beach Communities since 2008. Her passion for Panama and for her new community is seen through her insightful, discussion-promoting articles on living in the tropics.  Karyn is a Virtual Recruiter, Writer and specializes in Social Media Marketing. She is also a Motivational Speaker and Personal & Professional Life Coach.