Oferta Simple = Simply the Best Deals in Panama

Getting a good bang for our buck!  From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep we are always on alert for a great deal and value for our money.  It is often hard to find or tough to decipher what exactly is a good deal.  Oferta Simple which went live last year, has made the whole process of finding a great deal really quite "Simple". How about a $10 teeth cleaning or 75% off of hotel accommodations.  This sounds to good to be true. That is what I thought until we took a trip to the dentist and came out smiling.  The dental office was professional, the dentist greeted us in English and she proved to be extremely skilled and did a great job of cleaning my teeth; pineapple fluoride included.  I walked out of the office feeling fully satisfied with my $10 service.  My only regret was that I didn't buy more $10 certificates.


This is how it works, it is quite Simple.  Everyday a new offer is posted.  If you like the offer you buy it and it goes into your account until you decide to redeem it.  All you need to do is print off your certificate and bring it with you when you cash in on your deal.   Most offers allow you to buy more than one, which make great gifts for family or friends.

Not only is this ideal for the consumer but what a great way to get people in the door of your restaurant, spa, hotel, store, or yes even your dental office.  They have offered everything from music lessons to pilates sessions to numerous restaurants and hotel accommodations. I met the founders of Oferta Simple in the city a few months ago, and I had to congratulate them.  What a fabulous concept and one that has no limitations and has become extremely successful almost overnight.  They have discovered a way of making our lives easier for the consumer and the vendor and having fun at the same time.  Their offers are fully qualified before they are posted and the feedback has been nothing but positive.  Coupled with that, they offer referral dollars that can be used on future purchases.

Check them out.  Playacommunity.com posts their daily offers in Best Beach Buys everyday.  Sign up, take a look, or take advantage of posting a deal to your restaurant or store.  I promise you will be as amazed as I was with my $10 trip to the dentist.


altKaryn Saunders is a young expat who has been living in the Playa Community for close to 3 years.  Her passion for Panama and for her community has been seen through her articles that bring insight and discussion, and often offer useful information on living in the tropics.  Karyn is a Virtual Recruiter, Article Writer and has come to specialize in Social Media Marketing. Her passion however is Personal and Professional Life Coaching and Motivational speaking.