Let Union Fenosa Know That You Are Alive! - ‘Fe de Vida’ by July 31, 2011

If you are alive and well, living in Panama and receiving the Pensionado discount on your monthly electric bill from Union Fenosa, please notify them, in person, before July 31, 2011!   In order to continue with the discount, the person whose name is on the bill must go to a Union Fenosa office and provide them with a copy of his/her passport and identification (carnet).  As always, it would probably be a good idea to take the originals along also.   This can be done at any commercial Union Fenosa office including El Rey in Coronado so it is convenient.  

Have no fear!  The attendants at the office know the drill.  If you are Spanish-challenged like so many of us, just hand them a copy of a recent bill, circle the discount (Aplic.  Desc.)  under ‘Detalle de su Factura’ on the left of your bill to show that you are now receiving the discount, and then write the words, “Fe de Vida” under that.  Give them the copies of your passport and carnet, sign a couple of papers and your discount will continue.
Apparently, on a recent Union Fenosa bill in the upper right corner there was a notice that everyone has to provide the company with this ‘Fe de Vida’ if you want the discount to continue.  However, if you pay online and do not get a physical bill from Union Fenosa, you might not be aware of this.  It’s easy and painless so take the time to do it now.