The Moldy Season

The rain is coming and soon we will be amidst green grasses, lush flora, gentle sea breezes and great afternoon storms.  The only downside of this season is the unwanted house guest: MOLD.  It is a silent house guest, but annoying.  By following some simple steps your guest will not stay for long.  The following tips and tricks are quite simple and for the most part environmentally friendly. 1.  If you own leather, give it away.  I am really only half kidding.  Leather purses, belts, jackets and untreated leather sofas will become green before your eyes.  If you do own leather, get it into an airtight garment bag or in a very well ventilated room.  Keeping it in a room that has an air conditioner running every so often, will help keep your leather mold free.

2. Vinegar and Water.  Keep a spray bottle with 1 part vinegar 5 parts water handy at all times.  Using this in your bathrooms, kitchen and even on your floors.  A quick spray around your shoes or in the dark corners of your home, is not only nontoxic but is one of the best mold deterrents on the market, and it is a great alternative to bleach.
3. For those rooms that store a lot of your clothes or linens and may not get a lot of light or ventilation, turning your air conditioner on the dry setting for an hour a day will help to keep the humidity at bay. 
4. Never use vinegar and bleach together.  However vinegar and baking soda mixes well.   Make a paste with the vinegar baking soda mix and gently scrub out mold spots on beds, clothing, shoes and furniture. 
5. Tea tree oil is a very important extract to have in your home.  Not only does it help in keeping your pets tics at bay, but it can also be used in a spray bottle with water to soak and rid mold from furniture, clothing etc.  15-20 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle is all you need.
6.  Eucalyptus or any fruit seed extract is great as a mold killer.  Not only does it kill the mold but it smells great as well.  Five drops in a spray bottle and you can spray as little or as much as you want.
7.  Borax and Dishwashing liquid.  Combine a little of each of these products and use it as a past, like you would comet or ajax.  While Borax is earth friendly, it still has some health effects in large dosages.
Mold can be deadly if not kept in check.  Many of the products we use can be equally as harmful to our health.  It might take a little more spraying or scrubbing.  It will also take educating your cleaning lady on the harmful effects that bleach has on pets, humans and the environment.  By using the nontoxic remedies as listed above, you can sleep easy knowing you have killed the unwanted guest and you have done your part in keeping your home free from harmful chemicals. 
altKaryn Saunders is a young expat who has been living in the Playa Community for close to 3 years.  Her passion for Panama and for her community has been seen through her articles that bring insight and discussion, and often offer useful information on living in the tropics.  Karyn is a Virtual Recruiter, Article Writer and has come to specialize in Social Media Marketing. Her passion however is Personal and Professional Life Coaching and Motivational speaking.