Panama Offers Free Medical Insurance for Tourists - What a Concept!  - Cancelled

We heard about it, we read about it and we waited to see if it would really happen. Two weeks ago, I laid eyes on a 30 day free tourist medical card. It is real and it did happen. When you arrive in Panama as a tourist, ask the immigration officer for the "Tourist Medical Insurance Card". As I was told by the holder of the card, they will reach behind their chair, under the counter and present you with a blue card. This will give you access to emergency medical anywhere in Panama. Generali is the insurance company sponsoring the tourist medical card.

Should you need medical attention while you are here in Panama, as a tourist, you must present the card along with your passport to receive emergency medical attention. Please note that the insurance will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions. To date over 15,000 tourists have been issued a card since January 24th. In my research I also found that those that have received medical treatment since January, receive sufficient medical attention and experienced no hassles and did.

The insurance card is valid for 30 days from the time you receive the card. Prescriptions are not included.


altKaryn Saunders is a young expat who has been living in the Playa Community for close to 3 years.  Her passion for Panama and for her community has been seen through her articles that bring insight and discussion, and often offer useful information on living in the tropics.  Karyn is a Virtual Recruiter, Article Writer and has come to specialize in Social Media Marketing. Her passion however is Personal and Professional Life Coaching and Motivational speaking.