New Road Between Altos del Maria and El Valle

On Sunday, 12 September, a ceremony was held in Altos del Maria to celebrate the grand opening of the road between Altos and El Valle. Our thanks go out to Mr.Melo and his Altos del Maria staff who did a fabulous job!  The festivities began at Sienna Park with delicious BBQ Salchichas and grilled chicken sandwiches with sodas, juice, or water.  Staff members also gave out free t-shirts commemorating the day.  The large crowd of over 250 people was a fun mixture of Panamanians and expats.  After meeting there, a caravan of approximately 50 vehicles headed out to the new gate on the road to El Valle.  No surprise that a few cars fell by the wayside but the majority made it to the gate in an orderly fashion for a short ribbon cutting ceremony.  Luckily, the rain held off and the caravan continued on and made it to El Valle before noon.  It was really a fun morning as can be seen in the photos.


carretera_altos_el_valleThe road is well marked and the trip is about 29 kilometers and takes only about half an hour.  So, try it out for a little taste of adventure!  The scenery is breathtaking!

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