Roadside Assistance in Panama is Part of Your Insurance Policy

Recently I was in the city on a girls night out. After a lovely dinner and a little shopping we returned to the car to load our goodies in and head back home to the beach. Upon lifting the hatch lid of my girlfriends car I noticed that the light was very dim. She proceeded to get into the car to start it and sure enough, no go. Our battery was dead.  So, here we are two ladies alone at 10:15pm in the city and our car won't start. What to do?? Well you do what any woman would do, pick up your cell phone and call your husband!!! All joking aside, while doing that I was going through the glove box. I knew that my insurance offered roadside assistance but I wasn't sure about my friends. No luck, I couldn't find anything. So I called my insurance broker, Hernando from VIP Insurance . My broker told me that every car insurance policy in Panama is sold with road side assistance. It is not an add- on it is part of the policy!! He said to check the window for the sticker with the phone number on it. Sure enough there it was!! My girlfriend made the call making sure to provide her policy number, make and color of her car and our location. We were told someone would be there in 15 minutes.

Being long term residents of Panama we proceeded to sit back and relax for what we thought was going to be a very lengthy wait. To our surprise and amazement a motorcycle that looked like a pizza delivery bike, showed up in exactly 15 minutes!! The driver took out a car charger from the box that was attached to his motorcycle and hooked it up to our battery. We turned the key and were back in business!!! The entire dilemma from start to finish took 25 minutes!!!
As we were driving home I said to my girlfriend, who happens to be my boss, we have got to write a story about this fantastic experience and let everyone know, if it ever happens to you, you don't have to call your husband first!! Call the road side assistance number usually located on the sticker in your car window and help should be on the way!
One thing to be aware of, while this service is available all over the country, keep in mind if you are outside of the city it will take longer for help to arrive. In any case, the good news is: If your car is insured in Panama, you have Roadside Assistance as part of the package.