San Fernando Clinic








Coronado has a large clinic with an emergency room open Sunday  to Thursday from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM and 24 hours on Fridays  and Saturdays with qualified medical personnel. San Fernando Clinic is located on the main road into Coronado.

This clinic is a first in the interior of Panama for a private hospital. The San Fernando Clinic is a wonderful addition to the community that helps to alleviate many of the emergency health concerns for those living and visiting the Pacific Beaches.

The “Imaging” area of the clinic has modern medical equipment such as X-rays, CAT scanner and Ultra Sound.  There is also a fully equipped laboratory for routine tests, emergency tests and specialized tests. The clinic also offers a full time dentist and ophthalmologist. Their hours are Monday to Friday’s and you can call and make an appointment with them. The Clinic also has a fully stocked pharmacy for all your medicinal needs.

The bottom line for the residents of Coronado and the surrounding area is that you will be able to receive immediate emergency medical attention from their highly trained medical staff, right here in our own community. The clinic also offers outpatient services for people with chronic illnesses as well as those with immediate health concerns.

The San Fernando Clinic does not offer their own medical plan but is more than willing to work with both local and international medical plans. They do however offer a discount card at a cost of $50 per year giving you discounts on lab services, x rays, one free cleaning per year, one free dr's visit per year etc. Contact the clinic directly for further information. Both Spanish and English are spoken at the clinic.

The clinic has the following specialists who come in once a month for you to set up appointments.

      -          Gynecologist

     -           Internal Medicine & Endocrinologist

    -           Dermatologist

    -           Cardiologist

For appointments call 240-1646 or 240-1167