Panamanian Slang

We found a list of frequently-used Panamanian Slang Words in website. We want to share this information with expats living in Panama and visitors who wants to know more about  Panamanian culture.


Panamanian Slang 

Pana- Good friend. PA na. K sopa, Pana! Whats up my man!

Trago- A mixed drink. TRa go. Dame otra trago, por favor. Beer me

Chifear- To avoid. Chee FAY ar. Oye, estas me chifeando? Yo, you avoiding me?

Goma - A hangover. GO ma. Hay, que Goma tengo! Man, what a hangover

Nave - car. NAH vay. Que Nave Cheverre, hombre. Wow man, cool car!


Chevere- cool! CHE veh ray. Que Chevere! How cool

Joven- literally "child". But in this case, server (see below). ho VEN. Mire Joven, estoy borracho. Nada mas. Hey server, Im drunk. No more.

Waro- A mixed drink. WAH ro. Oye' joven, traigame otro waro. Yo server, bring me another drink

De Repente- Literally "All of a sudden". De Ra PEN tay. Slang expression meaning possibly. De repente, salimos por alli. Possibly, we'll go out there tonight.

El Arranque- One for the road. El ar RAHN kay. Noun, this is the last one Im gonna have, bartender. Esto es el arranque.

Chucha- Frickin. Pronounced CHOO cha. Popular expression, used in phrases like chucha madre (sob), este chucha vaina (this frickin thing). Not considered a bad word. A favorite of taxi drivers and school kids

Te Explico- Lemme tell ya. Pronounced tay ex PLEY ko. People in Panama use this for emphasis all the time. Te explico, estas en Panama y comemos gringos como ti por desayuno. Lemme tell ya, you are in Panama and we eat gringos like you for breakfast.

Que Sopa- Whats up! Pronounced Kay so PA. Greeting that literally translates to "Whats the soup". Hola amigo, que sopa! Hey friend, whats up!

Conguiar- To scam of fleece, especially a Gringo. Pronounced Con Gi AR, verb. No me conguie, cabron. Yo se que pasa! Dont scam me jerk, I know whats up

Que Cosa- Huh?. Expression pronounced Kay Kosa. Panamanian equivalent of "What the heck did you just say". Much cooler than just saying "what".

Vaina- a thing. Noun pronounced vine-ah. Basically, anything that you point to or talk about that doesnt merit calling it by its actual name. What is this thing on the table? Que es este vaina en la mesa.

Chuleta- Panamanian Equivalent to Daaaaammmmnnnnnn. Noun Pronounced Chew ley tah . Use when you are pissed as some bozo taxi driver cuts you off. Or when you are incredulous at a price. Example: shit, baby. You must be crazy if you think Im gonna pay that much. Chuleta, tu eres loca si piensas que voy a pagarle tanto dinero!


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