Maintaining Soil Levels for a Healthy Garden

It is a necessary and a common practice, to remove the weeds and grass that grow around ornamental plants and trees. When this happens the gardener inevitably pulls out some soil too, since it comes out attached to the roots. As a result, the surface soil recesses, creating various problems for the plant. In the rainy season, excessive water accumulates, leading to root diseases. In the dry season, the tiny surface roots dry out causing the plant tremendous stress and forcing earthworm, which are so valuable in the process of improving soil structure and fertility, to go somewhere else.

In order to keep your plants vital and healthy, replace the soil level anytime it falls below the surrounding grass level

To do so, use a mixture of black soil and organic fertilizer, in a 3 to 1 proportion. Add one ounce of chemical fertilizer 12-24-12,  per gallon of mixture. Be sure to use totally fermented organic fertilizer and avoid chicken manure.

Cover the new soil with 4 to 6 pages of news paper and then cover it with grass clippings or dry leaves. This form of "mulching" will retard the appearance of weeds for many months and will create the perfect environment for the earthworms to work out the soil around the plant and will considerably reduce the amount of water needed.

Gardening Tip by OASIS VIVERO

Rodrigo and Karina.

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