Price Smart - General Information

This is a bulk-purchasing store similar to Cosco and Sam’s Club in the United States.  Membership is required at a nominal fee.  They have an individual package and corporate packages.  The individual membership has a primary member plus an additional card for duration of one year. The membership card with picture is issued upon purchase of the membership. Panama has 3 locations: 

El Dorado area                    tel:  260-8500
Via Brazil & Via Espana     tel: 214-7011
Los Pueblos                        tel:  217-8100

The hours are:


Closed on limited holidays

As of February 2009 the cost of memberships are:

Business Membership: $26.25 (includes primary card plus 1 additional card)
Additional Cards: $10.50 each (3 max.)
Diamond Membership: $31.50 (includes primary card plus 1 additional card)

Their Internet address is: