Mail in Panama

There is no mail  to your door delivery in Panama.In Coronado there are two Private ‘mail’ services:MAILBOX ETC – Situated in the El Rey plazaMAILBOX EXPRESS – Situated in the Rincon El Chef plazaPlease contact them directly to familiarise yourself with their various products and services.

The post office in Chame is situated in the same plaza as the Banco National de Panama.  It is a small building where you can send mail and receive mail. 

To receive mail you can either lease a Postal box or receive mail through general delivery.

Postal boxes are difficult to get as they are in limited quantities.  If you want one you need to request to be put on the waiting list.  If someone does not pay for their box, it will become available and given to the next in line.  This usually happens in February.  Many post offices do not offer this service.

To receive mail through general delivery you need to introduce yourself  to the postal official and request that your mail be held for you.


For Chame: For San Carlos: 
Your name  Your name 
Entrega General  Entrega General 
Chame, Panama  San Carlos, Panama 
Republic of Panama  Republic of Panama 


Mail will be held for you (for a limited time) at the post office to the picked up.  If you receive a package that is too large for them to handle they will leave a note in your box or for pick up.  The same holds true if your package needs to go through customs.  To deal with this issue, you must go to Chorrera to their facility to claim the package.  The post office in Chorrera is situated close to the Bomberros & El Rey.