In Panama Carry ID or Face Fee

Published in a February 2009 issue of the Panama Star. "Last year, the immigration laws of the country suffered a drastict transformation and as a consequence, from February 22, all foreigners who are visiting or living in Panama must carry at all times a validI.D. It could a passport, copy of that document or in the case of residents their "cedula", otherwise they will be fined $10.00.


According to Sinisterra last year four million foreigners entered the country, some as tourists who overstayed their visas. Others entered illegally, and some came under false pretences. However the great majority were bona fide visitors who came to spend their holidays in Panama.
The director said that the Panamanian law is very specific with regards to identification and even nationals have to carry their "cedulas" at all times.
The problem with tourists being fined for not carrying passports came to light last weekend, when four foreigners who were staying at the Decameron Resort in Farallon, were detained by the police and when they failed to produce an identification were fined $10 each, although they were wearing the bracelets from the resort."

Announcement dated Feb. 16, 2009.

Under the recently enacted Panamanian Immigration Law all foreign visitors to Panama "must" carry their passport as identification at all times, a copy is not accepted. Foreign legal residents of Panama may carry their temporary resident permit or cedula in lieu of their passport as identification in Panama.