Flying To and From Panama? Airlines and Entry Requirements

AEROPERLAS (TACA REGIONAL): Direct flights between Panama and Costa Rica. AIRES: direct flights between: Cartagena and Barranquilla with connecting flights to:  Aruba and Curacao. AIR PANAMA: Direct flights between Panama and Costa Rica.

AVIANCA: Direct flight between all Central America destinations with connecting flights to: Caracas, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Peru, Miami, New York, Brazil, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, San Francisco, Washington, Dallas and New Orleans.

CONTINENTAL AIRLINES: Direct flights between: Miami, New York and a partner with Copa Airlines.

COPA AIRLINES: Direct flights between: Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, La Havana, Mexico, Guatemala, San Salvador, San Jose, Tegucigalpa, Kingston, Port Au Prince, Santo Domingo, San Juan, Caracas, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Quito, Guayaquil, Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Cancun and New York.

DELTA AIRLINES: Direct flights between: Atlanta and connecting flights to: the most popular destinations in North America, England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

GRUPO TACA: Direct flights between all Central America destinations with connecting flights to: La Havana, Mexico, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Boston and Chicago.

IBERIA: Direct flights between: Miami and New York with connections to: Europe, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands, England and France.

KLM: Direct flights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays between Panama and Amsterdam.

LINEAS AEREAS COSTARRICENSES (LACSA): Flights between Panama and select destinations throughout Central America and the Caribbean, South America and the United States.

MEXICANA AIRLINE: direct flights between Panama, Mexico and Guatemala with connections to select destinations throughout Canada, USA, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean and South America.

NATURE AIR: Direct flights between Panama and Costa Rica.

SANSA: Direct flights 3 days a week between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Panama City, Panama as well as connections to Panama on all domestic flights within the United States.




• A complete entry documents (the one that is distributed on every airline)
• A tourist visa. You can purchase a $5.00 USD tourist visa upon entry into Panama at the counter before you enter the customs line. Some airports sell the tourist visa at the departure counter before boarding the plane to Panama. (Additional taxes may apply)
• A return ticket or proof that you will be leaving Panama.
• Sometimes you may be asked to prove economic solvency, must be at least $500.00 on the equivalent on a credit card, bank account, work letter and/or traveler checks. Depending on your nationality, the amount may vary.
•  Passport MUST be valid for at least 6 month prior to entering Panama.
• In some cases, the immigration official may ask to see the payment voucher for the hotel that you will be residing in while in Panama.