The Scoop on Coronado's Water Shortages

  The Eisenmann Family’s long standing association as the original founders of Coronado comes with the privileges and problems of being high profile. One of the troubling aspects is that new expat owners in the Coronado area ultimately point the finger of blame at the Eisenmann family when things go wrong. Recently the situation has been the water shortages in the area.

Wanting to set the record straight, Eduardo Eisenmann went on record and explained the history behind the Eisenmann Family’s agreement with IDAAN


“Coronado has a backup system of 14 wells spread all over, along with many reserve tanks. During the early days of Coronado, my father and my two uncles kept in close touch with the people who managed the IDAAN plant in the area and made sure that the man who was in charge filled the reserve tanks to full capacity during the week, so that there would be plenty of water during the weekend when people arrived from the city.

When my brother and I took over, we initially kept the system going until a couple of years ago when IDAAN built a new water plant. IDAAN estimated that the plant would produce fresh water for Coronado and the surrounding areas, so they decided to disconnect the backup system that we had. The main problem they encountered is that the water lines are so old that they cannot handle the water pressure, causing ruptures from time to time. In order to fix problems, they often need to shut down the system during repairs. This is the main reason why sometimes there’s no water or very little pressure for days.

Today we have full time people living in Coronado who feel the effects of these shut downs. We need people to understand that the Eisenmann are not in control of the water running through the pipes, IDAAN is. The name of IDAAN’s Director is Juan Antonio Ducruet. His cell number is at 6612-3723. If you call him, he can contact his engineers and handle the situation. In the past, Coronado has made this call to assist non-Spanish speaking residents. However this has caused people to think that our family controls the water in the area, and our staff has been receiving undue verbally abusive phone calls. If you are having water problems, do not contact the hotel or the Coronado organization.”

A number of Coronado residents do not experience the problems that IDAAN customers do. These people have either dug a well on their property or purchased their homes with a well. While a well can run from $7000 - $8000, you will not pay a water bill for the life of your properly and will not experience water related problems as IDAAN struggles to keep the infrastructure up to meet the unprecedented growth in the Coronado area.

Another cheaper solution is a water tank. While these can supply water for a limited period of time, they do run out over a long drought. Also, you may not know when a shortage is happening to take water conservation measures in the household.