Divorce in Panama

In our last article we talked about marriage in Panama. This is the first of two articles about divorce in Panama. If your marriage is registered in Panama you need to be divorced in Panama.

2. Panamanian Family Law is meant to each spouse equally but, in fact, the law favors the wife, especially if there are children involved.

3. Alimony for child support is established per child and these payments may be increased if cost of living, education or any other situations arise that may require more money for their upbringing.

4. Alimony for the spouse is established so that he/she can continue to live the type of lifestyle you had provided and according to your income, until the spouse remarries, but alimony for the children will continue until they are 25 if they are still dependant.

5. You can have a mutual consent divorce. This is quicker and easier for all involved. But still a Divorce Process is required.

6. …to be continued on a separate installment…