Types of Resident Visas in Panama

1. Self Solvency Visa:  If you want to apply for this VISA, you have to invest at lease three hundred thousand dollars ($ 300,000.00). There’s three ways that you can apply to this kind of visa which are the following:  Fixed Term Deposit in a Panamanian bank for the amount of three hundred thousand dollars ($ 300,000.00) for three years. Real State Investment for the amount of three hundred thousand dollars ($ 300,000.00).  A combination of the fixed term deposit and the real state investment.


3. Married to a Panamanian citizen:  For this kind of visa, just like it says, you have to be married to a Panamanian citizen. Bear in mind that the immigration officials will do follow-ups and interviews for a period of time, so this type of Visa should not be taken lightly, specially for the legal implications that a marriage in Panama imply.


4. Retiree Visa: To apply for this kind of visa you must have a pension from a foreign government, international corporations or a private corporation.  This pension has to be for at least one thousand dollars (B/. 1,000.00) and has to be a permanent pension.

Each one of these visas gives you the right to Dependant Visas, for which in most cases, you must raise the amount of the investment or the amount of income of the main visa holder. 


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