Recipe: Thai Chicken

My husband and I love ethnic foods of all types.  Some of our favorite foods are from the country of Thailand. We have served this dish a few times since we have been in Panama.  It is easy and has been well accepted. Thai Chicken  

Peanut Sauce

Cup of peanut butter ( I like the chunky)
1/2 cup of peanuts crushed
1/2  cup of cocoanut milk
Tsp Coriander or small bunch of Cilantro
2 Tbs. Of curry powder or curry paste if you have it
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of fresh garlic

Heat the sauce until it is warm and blended

Sautee Chicken breasts in sesame oil or peanut oil and when finished pour above sauce on and keep in the frying pan for about a minute on each side. Then pour on the sauce.

Cocoanut rice

I serve this dish with cocoanut rice

1 small red onion
Handful of cilantro
Half of a cup of fresh cocoanut
Tsp of curry powder
½ cup cocoanut milk
Small bunch of mint
Two garlic cloves crushed
Add to your favorite cooked rice 

Serve this dish with small side dishes of chopped cucumber, peanuts, cocoanut, red onion, plain yogurt, and chick peas

We shop at  the Kosher market in Paitilla and have found some good spices at a few of the Asian markets including
Fish sauce, red and green curry paste, and black bean paste that we use in our cooking. The basics of this dish are simple and everything can be found in El Rey.