Gremlolata Handful of parsley Gratings of two lemons Two tablespoons of chopped garlic Teaspoon of sea salt Half cup of olive oil Process the above in a food processor or crush with a mortar and pestle.  This is your Gremolata

Stuff the inside of a large chicken with sliced lemons left from when you grated them. Sprinkle the chicken in and out with salt and pepper. Smear the Gremolata around the outside of the chicken and bake at 350 degrees in your oven for about an hr. and a bit depending on your oven and the size of your chicken.  The chicken is done when the juices run clear.

I serve this dish with roasted vegetables. I put the vegetables on a roasting pan and bake about half way into the chicken being finished. The amount is depending on how many people that you are serving.

Bunch of spinach
Two large tomatoes
Parboiled Broccoli
Salt and Pepper
Fresh garlic
Drizzled olive oil

To round out this dish,  I serve a simple pasta with roasted peppers, roasted asparagus, and sliced black olives, garlic and olive oil.
Boil pasta, In a small frying pan with a little olive oil, I put in all the ingredients and then add to the pasta right before serving.
1 bunch of asparagus
Half a cup of olive oil
Cooked penne
Handful of black olives
Two garlic heads crushed
Small can of red peppers