Fresh Corn Patties (Tortillas de maiz nuevo)

This is a recipe is from a Panamanian Cookbook called Cocina Panameña, available in bookstores and libraries in Panama, distributed by Distribuidora Lewis. Email distributor at : ************************************************************************** This is a very nutritional dish. if you want to start the day with  energy, have fresh corn patties for breakfast. Vicente Guzmán   Ingredients: -1 lb. ground garden fresh corn -¼ cup milk -1 tsp. salt -1 egg -2 tsp. baking soda -2 tbs. sugar -1 cup fresh white pressed cheese -2tbs. butter

In a mixing bowl put corn, salt, egg, baking soda, sugar and cheese. Knead well with your hands and make into tortillas. You can make two or 7” or four smaller (patties). In a 7” pan, put one tbs. butter and put half on the mixture. Leave over the fire until golden brown, turn and brown the other side. Do the same with the rest of the mixture.