Coconut Squares(Cocadas)

This is a recipe is from a Panamanian Cookbook called Cocina Panameña, available in bookstores and libraries in Panama, distributed by Distribuidora Lewis. Email distributor at : ********************************************************************************** This is a recipe that you can prepare and enjoy the whole year- Vicente Guzmán  Ingredients: -2 coconuts grated and peeled without dark skin -2 cans condensed milk -2 cans of water -2 cups of sugar -½ cup of rum (optional) -½ cup of raisins (optional)


Put all ingredients in pot and mix well. Let boil and reduce heat, stirring constantly until one can see the bottom of the pot and it becomes very thick. If one wants to make it with liquor, add ½ cup of rum and ½ cup of raisins. Artificial color if also used if desired