Mango Mousse

 This is a recipe is from a Panamanian Cookbook called Cocina Panameña, available in bookstores and libraries in Panama, distributed by Distribuidora Lewis. Email distributor at : ****************************************************  This is the mango time in Panama, so let's take advantage of this to prepare this delicious dessert - Vicente Guzmán     Ingredients: -3 cups pureed mango -1 cup sugar -4 egg yolks -1 tbs. unflavored gelatin -1/2 cup water -1 tbs. lime juice -2 cups whipped cream    

To make the mango puree, cut and peel mangoes in small pieces. Blend until pureed. Beat the sugar and egg yolks until thick. Dissolve the gelatin in the water and heat in double boiler until dissolved, add egg yolks and stir briskly, then add the lime juice and mango puree. Cool  for an hour. Then add the whipped cream in a folding manner and mix well. Place in glass bowl and cool for 6 hours.