Patacone Cups

So you have a plaintain tree on your property or someone has given you some and your not quite sure what to do with them. Well recently I had the pleasure of being shown one of the ways the locals prepare them here and thought that I would share it with you.First of all you are going to need some very green plantains, like the ones in the picuture. Cut the skin down the side and gently peel the meaty part out of the skin. Then cut them into chunks like in photo number two.  At this point you will have needed to go the El Rey and purchased one of those wooden things you've seen on the shelf for the past few years but never knew what it was for. ( known in Spanish as a “machacador”, see photo #2)  

Then place one piece of plantain at a time into the wooden tool and gently press down. There is an art to forming the cup and it not breaking apart, keep trying and eventually you will get the hang of it. Once you have all of your cups made gently place them in hot oil to fry only for a short period of time, to help them stay together. Once they are all pre-cooked then prepare your fillings. I had sour cream, salsa, a little fried chicken, some ground beef and ceviche with the ones I ordered. When it is time to serve the patacone cups place them back in a pot of hot oil for a final cooking. When golden brown serve on a plate warm with garnishes. Your maid will be impressed and your guests will enjoy a great new appetizer.

(thank you to La Casita de Don Danielfor the cooking class!)


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