Ingredients:     1 bunch spring onions      2-3 medium size red hot chilli's      300g pork filet      150g pork liver (if one does not like liver add 150g filet)      150g bamboo sprouts (canned is fine, but then dry them in a towel)      3 tablespoons veggie- or peanut oil      250g small size shrimps (uncooked, completely pealed)      1 teaspoon salt      1/2  teaspoon pepper      2 medium size tomato's (nice, fresh, dark red, tasty)      1/2 Tablespoon soy sauce      1/2 teaspoon oyster sauce      1 teaspoon shrimp paste      1 tablespoon chopped coriander (or parsley)      2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or pressed      1 teaspoon brown sugar      Juice of 1 fresh lime

How to do

    Chop the white of spring onions fine, the green we don't use.
    Chop very fine the chilli's, or bash in a mortar.
    The pork filet and the pork liver cut into thin stripes,
    Also the bamboo sprouts.
    Heat the oil in wok or large (best non stick) pan.
    Brown the onions, garlic and chilli shortly in the oil.
    Add the pork, after 2 minutes add the bamboo and shrimps.
    Season with salt and pepper, add then pealed and chopped
    Tomatos. Finely mix  the other ingredients with 2 tablespoons
    Of water and mix into the pan.
    Let everything once shortly cook through.
    Total cooking time just that pork and shrimps are soft and ready.
    Finally mix in/over the chopped coriander/parsley.

   If you like it rustical serve in the pan with oil/garlic bruchetta
    And a cool beer.
    Otherwise serve with fresh green salat and cooked baby potatoes
    And a nice glass of Shiraz.


    If you like it Asian style ,mix in, before the final cooking, about
    300ml of coconut milk and serve with rice.