Can you not just hear the rest of that song!  I know, cheesy but we still remember it.  Since Valentine's day is coming at us at a fast pace, and since it is at the beginning of Panama's Carnaval season, you may want to start  planning and purchasing your ingredients now  for that special meal especially if you are a romantic or just love to eat!          

A friend of mine was the ultimate romantic; Valentine 's Day was her day.  She would celebrate it by throwing a diner party for a few 'chosen' couples.  There were rules.  You needed to wear something red or pink and bring flowers.  She would provide the ambiance and the piece de resistance: the meal!  Ah! but a researched meal it was.  The main items served needed to be either pink or red!  Being the least romantic in the world, I was never on the guest list.  Still, the hole concept intrigued me.  So, since we are in Panama, and all like to do something a little different, I thought this could be an 
interesting endeavor.

Here are some recipes that live up to the challenge.  (most of the items available at Rey's)

Do not forget the pink candles!  As per 'Tara', candlelight works better than a facelift!


Louise Belisle

Louise Belisle is a retired French Canadian living in Coronado, Panama.  She loves entertaining - which for Louise means a table of interesting people, good food and good wine.  Passion:  Finding easy recipes that can make that happen!