Favorite Mango Recipes from Pacific Coast Residents

It’s Mango season in Panama! Playacommunity put out a call for Mango recipes and we received some tried and tested favorites from the community to share with you. So, if you are in a pinch for what to prepare for that BBQ you have been invited to, we have an abundance of mango recipes to choose from.  Get out the fruit picking stick, reach over to your neighbors’ tree, pick some of those juicy mangos and serve up a delicious seasonal dish.

-Kathy Kress of the Pacific Coast International School has a Mango Bread and Mango Cobbler that is a hit with her family.

-Bonnie Geise, president of the Coronado Social Association shared with us a Grilled Tandori-Style Chicken & Mangoes with Mango Jasmine Rice and another option for a Mango Salsa.

-Cynthia Cabassa, from the San Fernando Clinic makes a Mango Jam, that goes over big.

-Marcie Collins from Coronado Beach Bed and Breakfast shares a favorite Mango Lassi and Champagne Mangos, a recipe from the US Army Cookbook of ’76.

-Deborah Turl, founder of the Coronado Mahjong Club shared a Shrimp and Mango Combo last year.

- We found 2 other mango recipes, a Mango Moose from Cocina Panama's cookbook and a Mango Cardamon Bread Pudding from Allrecipies.com.

One word of warning: Mango sap can cause an allergic reaction. Read this article we posted last year about allergic reactions to mangos.