Congo Peas and Coconut Rice

This is a deliciuos Panamanian recipe taken from Distribuidora Lewis book "Cocina Panameña"   Ingredients: 2 grated fresh coconuts 1 Lb congo peas 4 cups of rice 1 Tsp salt 5 cups of hot water



Place the grated coconut in the hot water and mix. Pass it through a clean cloth and extract the coconut milk. Repeat two or three times until coconut is very dry. Let this milk sit for one hour. Remove the grease that forms on top and place in pot where you will cook rice. Let it heat until grease bubbles and thickens itself and then add the congo peas and cook for about 8 minutes. Add the salt and the remaining coconut milk, then the rice and mix. Cover and cook at medium temperature until the rice is loose and soft. Mix with fork and let it sit for 5 minutes before serving.


Note: Congo peas must be fresh. The darker purple colored type is better. If it is fresh, it should be tender and should cook quite fast. Canned congo peas may be substitute, but the taste is not as good.