Ingredients:     2 medium sized white onions,     60g butter,     30g flour,     1/4 l ( 8 fl oz) beef stock,     Mustard, salt, lemon/lime juice to season,     1/8 l ( 4 fl oz) sour cream     2 medium size pickled gherkins,        (you can use Hamburger Dill Chips         Bigger slices cut in half),     100g steamed, or just fried, Champignons,        (fresh made is better then out of tin can),     2 medium size ripe tomatoes        ( cleaned from seeds and juice, sliced)     500g beef fillet, top quality,

How to do:
    Take 1/2 the butter and fry onions ,
    Sliced into stripes, till golden brown.
    Dust the flour over the onions and give a short
    Mix, then add the beef stock.
    Cook this sauce for about 15 minutes over med. Heat.
    Season the sauce with mustard, salt and lemon juice,
    To your taste.
    Add the sour cream, gherkins finely sliced, the tomatoes
    And the finely sliced mushrooms and cook shortly through.
    Keep warm.
    Cut the beef into coarse dices or stripes.
    Use in a different pan the 2nd 1/2 of the butter and
    Fry over high heat the beef till nicely browned. Do not
    Cook through, the meat should be still pink inside.
    Mix the earned beef juice into your sauce.
    Add  beef into the sauce and serve immediately.
    Do not cook the beef in sauce anymore.

   Serve with fresh green lettuce, just seasoned with a bit
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lemon juice.
    Side dishes are all kind of baked Potatoes, French fries,
    Patacones, fried Yucca, Rice, Noodles or bread dumplings.

    This world famous dish is named after the Russian  Stroganow
    Family, which were from the 1600eds on, very rich merchants
    In Nowgorod . Even the Russian Emperor had not much power
    Against them, because they financed almost everything for him.