Island, mountain and cultural excursions

There is something everyone in Panama! from coastal day trips out of Panama City to Panama’s Pacific Islands like Taboga, and Contadora... treks into the interior of the country to discover the mountain ranges surrounding the popular mountain communities of El Valle de Anton and Altos del Maria. If you are seeking cooler temperatures, waterfalls and an abundance of birds, we highly recommend exploring the "mountain-side" of Panama’s Pacific Coast. 

Much of Panama’s natural diversity is easily accessible for a small fee where infrastructure has been built. Or, for the more adventurous with a 4x4 and some local knowledge (which you can gain from Playa Community), often a day amidst Panama’s natural beauty can be found absolutely free! 

Here are some ways to explore Panama’s Pacific Coast islands, mountains resorts and cultural sites for free or just a small fee! 

Island Escapes from Panama City 

Isla Taboga is just forty-five minutes run from Calzada de Amador, Panama City and an easy way to see some of Panama’s island life if you do not have much time and are in Panama City. You can find your way out to the Island from the Amador causeway where there are several companies offering transport for about $20.00 each way. Read more about Isla Taboga in our article Discovering Isla Taboga, Panama 

The Pearl Islands archipelago is a stunning grouping of Islands with more than 200 islands and islets, with the most developed island Contadora, offering amenities like hotels and restaurants. Read The Pearl Islands: Exploring Contadora to learn more. 

Discovering the Moutain ranges in Chame and Coclé 

However, some would say the most untapped and favorite getaways for Panamanians are actually in Panama’s interior. When it comes to a day off Panamanians usually head to the interior of the country to the beaches surrounding Coronado, and watering holes like Los Cajones de Chame, tourist site free to access (just a small fee for parking). 

Read about Coronado, Panama in our article Everything you need to know about Coronado, Panama

And learn how to get to Las Cajones (also known as the Chame Canyon) what to bring, etc in our article Las Cajones: The Chame Canyons 

Coclé is also home to the well-known Valley of Antón. Read more about El Valle in our article A day in El Valle.  

Rio Hato home to the Pacific Coast’s All-Inclusive Resorts 

Just a few km from Coronado, Panama entering the province of Coclé another province full of natural treasures, Rio Hato offers all-inclusive hotels including the Decameron hotel, the Riu and Playa Blanca hotel. Some of the all-inclusive offer days pass for as little as $35 in the off-season for guest that want to just spend relaxing enjoying the perks of the hotel. 

Visit Fundación El Caño, Instituto Nacional de Cultura de Panamá (INAC) 

While unknown to many the province of Coclé is also home to the El Caño Archaeological Park in Natá. This geological site made  National Geographic magazine of January 2012 and houses several tombs from the pre-Colombia era. 

This park is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon and the general admission is 1:00. Read more about El Caño Archaeological Park in Natá in our article Tombs of the Golden Warriors.