Discover Punta Burica Panama

Punta Burica Panama is a small coastal stretch that separates Panama’s Pacific from Costa Rica. This isolated part of Panama is home to a few quaint towns, an abundance of wildlife and some of the best waves on the country’s Pacific coast. 

The journey begins where the (paved) road ends, past the bustling towns Paso Canoas and Puerto Armuelles in the western province of Chiriquí. While the roads are treacherous and bus service dependent on the tide, what awaits is worth the journey. 

Arriving at the end of Punta Burica you will come across a green gate. Above the gate, a large mango tree houses a family of a rowdy howler monkey. The view is unbeatable.  In either direction along the vast coastline of a pristine beach, you’ll see nobody, except maybe a few fishermen bringing in the daily catch, or Shawn and Shena and their two girls. 

Shawn and Shena have called Burica home for over a decade. In search of new waves and the perfect retreat for their adventurous spirits, they took to a map. When they arrived in Punta Burica they were happy with what they found, consistent waves, abundant wildlife and a simple more enjoyable lifestyle. 

Wanting to share this tiny corner of Panama with those who would appreciate it, Shawn and Shena built their homestead to accommodate large groups looking to explore the area. Apart from a hammock on the beach, it the only accommodation in the area. Currently there is no electricity or wifi onsite, however, the poles have been run and the lights should be on in the near future! In the meantime, it offers an opportunity to reconnect with nature and unplug from the outside world. 

The house is thoughtfully designed offering maximum outdoor community space and private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Up a winding staircase from the dining room is a crows nest that overlooks the vast Pacific in the day and offers amazing stargazing by night.  

The house, that can be rented our entirely, has 7 hotel style bedrooms, an open air kitchen, and large dining area. It is the perfect home base for daily adventures with family and friends. The house comes fully equipped, with sheets towels, a full kitchen, and bathroom. Guests are welcome to use Stand up Paddle boards and kayaks. There is also an abundance to explore on land. Just a short beach walk or boat from the lodge await waterfalls and islands to discover. 

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How to get to Punta Burica

To get to Punta Burica, follow the Pan American Highway past David until you reach the Costa Rican border (Paso Canoas). You will start to see billboards about 20 minutes before you reach the border town of Paso Canoas. It will not be hard to tell when you have reached Paso Canoas, as the border patrol offices stand out. Continue on to Puerto Armuelles, by taking the last left before reaching the border. 

TIP: As you make the left to Puerto Armuelles, tucked in the corner on the right-hand side of the road a lady sells baskets of mountain fresh strawberries for a $1. 

Driving through Puerto Armuelles

You will reach an oil refinery driving through, the road will be paved on the other side of the pipeline, you will pass the town of Limones. About a half an hour past Limones you will reach Bella Vista, a small community with limited amenities. While there is no grocery store, bank or gas station,  the center of town recently received a free wifi booth, where signal can be found connecting this tiny corner of the world with to the rest. 

and about 15 minutes down the road from Bella Vista you’ll reach a green gate, behind it awaits the house on the edge of the world. 

Traveling by Bus to Punta Burica 

Travelers coming from David can take a bus to Puerto Armuelles, a 90 km southwest trip that takes about three hours. From here, a truck known locally as el carro de la costa will pick passengers the rest of the way. The ride is a bit of an adventure, as the truck passes by oil pipelines, drives along bumpy roads, and even cruises along a stretch of beach at the end. It only runs at low tides and takes about an hour and a half. Bus times change depending on the tides, so be sure to ask the driver when and where you’ll need to be to catch a ride back. 

In-country transport from David, Paso Canoas, Puerto Armuelles or at any other point by Shawn and Shena.