Camping near Coronado

Looking to spend some more time outdoors? Panama offers a wide variety of places to connect with nature, spend a night under the stars and disconnect. Each campsite in Panama, beautiful it’s own unique way, offers a different perspective of the country.

While infrastructure is usually limited, camping is one of the best ways to get to know this beautiful country.

Every single beach in Panama is public, this means, so long as there is public access to the beach you should be able to pitch a tent! But keep safety at the top of you list of priorities. When choosing your camping spot, be aware that the tides on the Pacific coast can vary up to 18 feet! Rainy season in Panama can be wet, so be prepared if you plan to camp during the rainy season, which lasts from from mid-April to mid-December. Finally make sure you are camping in a safe area. Ask around in the community for a safe beach to camp on.

While the beach offers a tropical allure, the mountains in Panama offer a cooler escape. Watch the sunrise and set from the various points of Chica,  or enjoy the afternoon lakeside, at Laguna de San Carlos near Coronado, where there is a small and safe campground open to guests.

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