Cubita: Boutique Resort & Spa

By: Epicurious EmQUOTE:  “A place is only as good as the people in it.”  --Pittacus Lore


Ofertasimple recently tempted us with a two night special for the Cubita Boutique Resort and Spa in Chitre.  Chitre is about 170 kilometers from Coronado, approximately a 2-1/4 hour drive, depending on traffic and road construction.

  Well, we were pleasantly surprised.  The property boasts about 90 rooms, 2 junior suites, and 4 master suites.  They have the La Jaba Bar, a full service spa, gym, pool, Los Maizales Restaurant, and a museum.  They are well equipped for events, meetings, and weddings.

The architecture of the property is gorgeous with a Spanish colonial feel.  Walls have some exposed brick and the common area is spacious and welcoming, accented with beautiful seating areas, unusual pottery, a huge chandelier, and lots of fresh flowers.  All of the rooms have a balcony, with many facing the gardens, fountains, and the pool area.  The entire property is meticulously maintained with an abundance of trained staff.  A real surprise was the new shopping center next door, with a larger-than-Coronado Riba Smith.  Chitre…who knew?

Chef Andres (from Peru) does an amazing job in the restaurant.  We arrived in time for lunch and chose the Executive Menu of the day, starting with a salad of red cabbage, green beans, beets, and corn tossed in a light vinagrette with bits of local cheese.  We also had tenderized beef breaded in herbs with Panko crumbs, sautéed and topped with a mustard sauce.  A baked potato garnished with a bacon/sour cream mix accompanied it.  The lunch included dessert and was a value at $7.50.  The wine list is reasonable in the $18-$40 range.  Service was impeccable.

The menu serves any palate, from ceviches, emanaditas, soups, salads, risotto, pasta, fish, shrimp, pork, chicken, and desserts.

The staff is incredible.  Every member, from the check-in staff, to the maids, to the pool attendants, to the gardeners and maintenance staff greeted us with a smile.  If we heard it once, we heard it many times, “Do you need anything?  Is everything all right?  What can we get you?”  While sitting by the pool, we were brought complimentary cups of tea from our hostess, the ever-charming Marissa.  This resort is a beautiful, relaxing oasis!

Cubita is located on Via Roberto Ramirez de Diego, just minutes off the main highway.  Telephone:  (507) 910-1600.  The property is perfect for families and couples.

TIP:  Our Oferta was a great deal, but check on other sights:  i.e., Bookings, Travelocity, etc.  They have deals equivalent to our Oferta.  Also, if you are planning on driving to Pedasi or Playa Venao, Cubita would be a great stop to break up your trip.

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