Bocas del Toro Feria del Mar

Feria del Mar, or in English, the Fair of the Sea takes place on Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro each year in September. This year the fair will start on Monday September 14 and last until Sunday September 20. The fair grounds will be set up on the ground beside Playa Istmito and the road to Boca del Drago.


“Feria del Mar” started in 1962, celebrating fisherman, boaters and the caribbean sea. Over the last 50 years the festival has developed into a week long event bringing thousands of visitors to the archipelago every September.

Each year the fair begins with Caribbean flavor. Traditional food (mainly seafood) is cooked fresh in the streets, local arts and crafts are on display and people from around the world enjoy folk music and dances. This year there will be performances by local rock, reggae and calypso bands.

Feria del Mar is a family friendly festival with carnival rides and games for kids. Adults can take part too, this year there will be bumper cars and a hunted house! The fair is also about showcasing local plants and flower, there is also a mobile research where you can speak to Smithsonian employees.

Much like Carnival, each year a queen is chosen. Speeches from the queen (La Reina) take place during the days throughout the festival. The queen will  reign for one year, having the chance to travel around the country acting as an ambassador for Bocas Del Toro.

One of the most anticipated events that takes place during the festival is the boat race, which has always been an important part of the festival.  There are several categories from motorized pangas to Cayucos (dug-out canoes).  This year there is also a fishing tournament and triathlon scheduled.