Take me out to the Ball Game

Baseball season in Panama is beginning to heat up as the Panamanian Major League finishes up the regular series. This first series, lasting from March 6 until April 1, will determine which teams will advance to the next round (the series of six). Games in the regular season are $3, and $2 for Jubilados to attend. On typical game night during the regular season at Rod Carew, the home stadium of Panama Metro, about two to three thousand fans are in attendance. Throughout the finals Rod Carew stadium, seating approximately 25,000 people, will be at full capacity. 
The league, consisting of 11 teams has been around since 1945, and is governed by Federacion Panameña de Beisbol (Federation of Panamanian Baseball).

The teams are as follows: Panama Metro, Panama West, Chiriqui Occidente, Chiriqui, Veraguas, Los Santos, Herrera, Darién, Colon, Cocle and Bocas del Toro.


In the regular series all teams participate in one group, teams play against one another, twice. The six teams with the best win percentage will advance to the series of six.

In the Series of six all teams will face off once, again playing each team twice. The four teams with the best win percentage will advance to the Semifinals. 

In the Semifinals, the team ranked number 1 leads group A, and the team ranked number 2 leads group B. Teams in third and fourth position draw to determine which group they will play in. The two teams with the best win percentage, winning 4 games will advance to the series final.

The winners of the semifinals will meet at finals to playoff in best of seven championship series.  A minimum of 2 of the final games will be played in Rod Carew stadium. In the best of 7 championship series the team with the best tournament record plays the first game at their home stadium. The runner plays the second game at their home stadium.

At the time of publication Herrera was in first place with Bocas del Toro, the reigning champions, and Chiriqui close behind.  For the full schedule visit: http://www.fedebeis.com.pa/