The Pollera Panama’s National Dress

The pollera is the national dress of Panama, worn by Panamanian girls and women on important occasions. The Panamanian pollera is a descendant of a dress worn by Andalusia females in the XVI century. There are a few variations of the national costume, while each has a unique purpose, they can all be defined by a few simple elements.  Miss Nieves de Hoyos, director of the Museo del Pueblo Espanol, published an article, "La Pollera Panamena," in 1963. She wrote:"[…] white with a full skirt of two or three ruffles embroidered or appliqued in floral designs. This description is, simply, the pollera.”The traditional dress is accompanied by a complicated hairstyle using gold combs resembling the ornamental pins once common in Valencia and Salamanca, Spain. Much like the evolution of this richly decorate hairpin, the pollera has evolved, becoming quintessentially Panamanian.

Panama Hosts the first Panamanian Pollera Congress

Last month in Chitre, as part of the “Thousand Pollera Parade” (El Desfile de Las Mil Polleras) Panama hosted the first Pollera Congress. A series of seminars took place with the goal of preserving the national female costume.  Topics covered included: the history of the pollera, regional variations and the correct manner of wearing a pollera.

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