Mulino wins the 2024 Panama election

Panama’s former security minister Jose Raul Mulino, 64, has won the presidencial race in Panama after stepping up to replace ex-leader Ricardo Martinelli on the ballot.

He originally ran as the vice-presidential candidate for Martinelli but after Martinelli was sentenced to 11 years in prison for money laundering, Mulino stepped up.

Mulino said his government would be "pro-investment" and "pro-business."

“I receive with joy these results, which are the will of the majority of the Panamanian people in our democracy, which I assume with great responsibility and humility as a Panamanian,” Mulino said during his victory speech.

Mulino, who is widely seen as having inherited Martinelli’s popular support, thanked the former president in his victory speech.

“To Ricardo Martinelli: my friend, mission accomplished Ricardo. When you invited me to be vice president, I did not imagine this scenario, but it was my turn, and I took it on with enormous responsibility and humility,” he said.