The 199th anniversary of the first cry for independence

Tuesday November 10th 2020 Panama celebrates the 199th anniversary of the First Cry of Independence. The first cry is an act that took place in La Villa de Los Santos , on November 10, 1821.

The First Cry is a historical important day the independence of Panama. It recalls the day Rufina Alfaro made the first call for independence from La Villa. Today, Alfaro represents the rising energy in the Panamanian population that created the tipping point that lead to independence. Each year, Panamanians take time to honour this uprising. 

This year (2020) the event was not as many before as events were limited due to the covid-19 pandemic. Events began at 7:30 am in the Rufina Alfaro Park and were chaired by the Governor of Los Santos, Rubén Darío Villarreal. The narrow streets of La Villa were empty this year, without the deafening bustle of the musical bands that traditionally came to La Villa to participate in the civic parade.

Mass at the Igle sia St. Athanasius, and the laying of wreaths at the busts in the Simon Bolivar Park, ended the commemoration.

Due to the restrictive measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic , this year the solemn session of the Santeño councilors was not held, which was traditionally held at the Nationality Museum.