Martinelli’s nomination annulled

The Electoral Tribunal (ET) announced the annulment of Ricardo Martinelli’s mayoral candidacy in the upcoming May 5 election this week.

The ruling, signed by the three magistrates of the ET indicated that his candidacy for Mayor of Panama City has been "declared invalid due to illegality." 

According to the ET Martinelli did not reside in the district for the amount of time required to be a candidate (1 year). This is due to the fact that he was imprisoned in the US and not extradited from the US to Panama until June 2018. 

The decision that comes just one week before the election was clearly not well received by Martinelli and his peers. 

According to lawyer and former VP of the National Bar Association, Alfonso Fraguela, the ruling will be questions. "The delay in defining the legal situation of the former president, will bring a dangerous perception against the integrity of the ruling" he explain to AFP. 

Some feel that the ruling might actually affect the election positively, not for Martinelli directly (since he can’t run for Mayor) but for his party. 

"This is a two-sided coin, it may or may not, depending on the attitude assumed by the candidate of the CD (Roux)" explained Layer Hernan Rubio.