Education community protest for a new bridge

Participants of f the Technological University of Panama (UTP) protested yesterday for the death of Rosaida Lorenzo.

Lorenzo was run over on Thursday while crossing the road that leads to the Centennial bridge .

"Not having a pedestrian bridge on the road that leads to the Centennial has cost the life of my sister," said Benedicto Lorenzo , brother of the victim and one of those who participated in the protest.

The university students asked the Ministry of Public Works to speed up the construction of a pedestrian crossing and the Traffic Authority to ensure road safety.

Closing the six lanes of the road that leads to the Centennial bridge,the educational community  made a symbolic farewell to Rosaida Lorenzo, the  student  who died last Thursday, after a traffic accident .

The young university student, who was studying at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering , was run over when she was about to cross the lanes between the central campus of the UTP and the Centennial road.

Among  helmets, books, calculators, candles, flowers and prayers, Angel Campos, leader of the Student Center of the UTP, called on the authorities of the Ministry of Public Works to streamline the processes to build a pedestrian bridge in that area to avoid other fatalities.

The construction of this project  has been a demand of the educational community of the UTP for more than five years, since they have to cross the road in which the accident occurred daily.

The Ministry of Public Works reported that the construction of the pedestrian crossing was awarded and the work should soon begin.