Confrontation between police and squatters

Prognosis is being ’reserved’ on a National Police agent who was wounded in the head during the evictions operation of squatters in Burunga, district of Arraiján, in Western Panama.

In addition to the agent, who received a stone to the forehead, four other members of the National Police were wounded on Monday, June 4.  This occurred  during the eviction of "non-habitable areas" in New Jerusalem and La Alameda, in Burunga .

During the confrontation between the squatters and  the National Police. nine people were wounded of which 5 were agents.  A total of 18 people were arrested.

The squatters reported that they were beaten  Police and have stated in the media that they do not now  have a place to live.

The police were injured by stones and other objects thrown by squatters who were on private land  which was deemed not habitable .

During that  morning. the squatters in New Jerusalem closed the bridge that is on the access road to the community and demanded to speak with the authorities to get an answer about their lack of housing.